Utah Women's Health Coalition


Vision: Collaborating for Healthier Utah Women

Mission: Promote optimal health for all Utah women through collaborative planning, community action, and policy/systems change.

Tag: A forum for advancing women’s health in Utah.

- Coordinate activities and engage in collaborative efforts to achieve our mission.
- Facilitate the development and sharing of programs, materials and information about the health of Utah women.
- Engage in strategic activities with community partners to promote optimal health for all Utah women.

The US Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health, Region VIII, supported the development of the first strategic plan for Utah women’s health in the fall of 2006. The rationale was that Utah had many organizations and state programs working to improve women’s health, but lacked a strategic plan and a coordinating body for these efforts. While Utah women rank well compared to other states, there are measures that can be improved such as health screening, physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight. A two-year workplan covering 2008 to 2010 was developed and implemented.

In late 2009, the Utah Women’s Health Coalition engaged in strategic planning for 2010 leading to the following work plan. Caren Frost and Lois Bloebaum, President and Past President of the Utah Women’s Health Coalition coordinated the process assisted by Helene Kent of HM Kent Consulting. A planning meeting was held with interested coalition members on October 28, 2009 and the recommendations were refined by the UWHC Steering Committee at a December meeting. In January 2010, members of the Utah Women’s Health Coalition met to review, adapt and accept recommendations developed by the Steering Committee.

Utah Women’s Health Coalition
The following principles influence the Utah Women’s Health Coalition’s work over the last two years and will continue to do so into the next cycle. The Coalition brings together groups with diverse perspectives; builds upon current work to improve the health of women in Utah; shares evidence-based practices; and uses a collaborative approach. The Coalition strives to avoid duplication of efforts and emphasizes coordination as well as the importance of sharing and using resources/information. Representatives from private, public, government, academia, and community groups participate in the Coalition and all who are interested are invited to participate.

Gender-Based Health Issues: Why is it important to look at health based on gender?

According to the Institute of Medicine report entitled Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health: Does Sex Matter?, males and females have different patterns of illness and different life spans.  The report highlights differences in the prevalence and severity of a broad range of diseases, disorders, and conditions between the sexes and can found online at the Institute of Medicne website.

A recent study notes it is an accepted fact that women live longer than men, current life expectancy for men in the United States if approximately 75 years for men versus 81 years for women; however women report experiencing poorer health than men on a variety of condition which may be explained by socio-economic and psychosocial differences. Read more (pdf) ...


UWHC Spotlight

UWHC members participated this year in Be Well Utah: Family Health Week

Did you know?

Among Utah women aged 18 and over:

- 41.2 percent did not have a routine check-up in the past year
- 64.1 percent consume fewer than two servings of fruits per day

(From the Utah Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (2003–2006)

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