Please note: This site refers to the work of the Center of Excellence via a grant from the federal Office on Women's Health 2007-2010, and should be considered out-of-date.


UWIN Projects: Sweet Success



- Utah Navajo Health System

Gender Focus IconGender Focus for the Sweet Success Program:
The Sweet Success Program is designed to prevent complications in women with diabetes who are pregnant by promoting healthy eating and physical activity during pregnancy. Improving our surveillance for gestational diabetes is important for women since if women have gestational diabetes both they and their offspring are at risk for the development of diabetes later in life.

About the Sweet Success Program
Sweet Success is a program adopted by Utah Navajo Health System to improve pregnancy outcomes in diabetic women. Perinatal complications associated with pregnancy and diabetes can be reduced for women who participate in comprehensive programs and who achieve and maintain near normal blood glucose levels both prior to, and following, conception. The Sweet Success model of care provides diabetes and pregnancy education programs and resources to pre-pregnant and pregnant women with diabetes. Sweet Success, a previously validated program, emphasizes early recruitment into diabetes and pregnancy programs; provision of comprehensive out-patient based education, nutrition, psychosocial and medical services; and active patient participation in managing the dietary, insulin, and exercise regimens necessary for euglycemia.