Please note: This site refers to the work of the Center of Excellence via a grant from the federal Office on Women's Health 2007-2010, and should be considered out-of-date.


UWIN Projects: Clinic/Public Library Partnership



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Video Overview: Public Library Partnership


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UWIN Clinic/Library Partnership wins promotion award at the 2009 meeting of the MidContinental Chapter of the Medical Library Association. Read more ( .pdf)

Gender Focus IconGender Focus for the Clinic/Public Library Partnership Project:
We have found that women are important gate keepers for health information and health promotion in families. Empowering women to get good health information at our public libraries helps the whole family and the community link to wellness..

- About the Clinic/Public Library Partnership
- Materials for Distribution
- Resources for Librarians
- Training Toolkit

About the Clinic/Public Library Partnership:

The Utah Women's Health Information Network (UWIN), a program of the University of Utah, Health Sciences Center, Center of Excellence in Women's Health, became a reality in November, 2007 with receipt of a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to improve health care for Utah women and thus all Utah residents through their families.

One of the primary goals of UWIN is to make more reliable health information available to health-care providers and their patients who share constituencies with neighborhood public library throughout Utah. Through this initiative, public libraries across Utah will form partnerships with their community health clinics. Clinicians will become informed about the consumer health resources and help at their public libraries and in turn patients will become more informed about not only health but all the services and resources at their neighborhood library. A true “UWIN” for health care providers as well as the patients they serve.

Stay tuned to this site for further developments…and in the meantime check out your public library for health information for yourself and your family.

Read more in this Project Summary: Good Health Information @ Your Library (.pdf), (.doc)

Materials for Distribution:

- InformationRx Bookmark: Good Health Information @ Your Library (.pdf)
- Clinic/Library Partnership Poster Example (.pdf)
- Clinic/Library Partnership Talking Points, (pdf) or (.doc)
- TV spots for Good Health Information @ Your Library, 15 second spot (.mov), 30 second spot (.mov)

Resources for Librarians:

- Consumer Health Information Toolkit for Librarian (.doc)

Training Toolkit: Good Health Information @ Your Library-Consumer Health Information Training for Librarians

- Training Modules:
   * Presentation Slides: Public Libraries: The Consumer Health Information Connection for Utah!(.ppt)
   * Archived Recordings Part 1: Introduction
   * Archived Recordings Part 2: Finding Medical Information at Your Public Library
   * Archived Recordings Part 3: Guide to Healthy Web Surfing
- Consumer Health Information Practice Exercises (.doc)
- GHI@YL Training: Pre-Test
- GHI@YL Training: Post-Test
- Certificate of Completion (.ppt)
- Training Online: